Fill the Diffuser bottle with the oil (supplied in a 100ml PET Amber/Black bottle), add the 8 Black fibre reeds and within a couple of hours this luxury scent will fill the air.   

Prior to opening the scented oil for your diffuser please shake well to ensure the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.  Place up to 8 reeds in the diffuser bottle neck and allow a couple of hours to reach a full scent throw.  Once a week turn the fibre reeds to ensure the optimum scent throw is achieved.

Refill scents available are:

Black Fig & Vetiver

Green Tomato Vine

Lime, Basill & Mandarin

Cuban Tobacco & Oak

Peony Blush

London Oud

Black Orchid

Sensual Oud



Christmas Spice

White Christmas

Festive Cranberry

Christmas Spruce

Velvet Peony & Oud

Please note these are all sold separately, please select your chosen scent.

We offer Free Delivery on Diffuser Oil Refills and Replacement Reeds (single items only)

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