November 25, 2020

What a Year 2020

What a Year 2020

I cannot believe that PROFUMO is about to celebrate its first birthday.  It honestly feels like just a few weeks ago when I had that 'light-bulb' moment of creating a candle brand so for me it certainly rings true that time flies when you're having fun.

I can't say 2020 has been a 'fun' packed year, let's face it we've all spent nearly 3/4 of the year in lockdown due to COVID.  What it has taught me though is to really appreciate those around you so much more.  We're not perfect, no body is perfect and no one lives in a perfect world.  Home schooling was a real challenge for us, trying to juggle the demands of primary and secondary school work and trying to play 'teacher' and 'mum'...... the two don't go hand in hand, at least not for me.

After Easter we eased up on the home schooling as did most parents I've talked to.  We managed in the morning then by lunch it was chill out, play and just be kids.  For me I used this time to build my website, well I built 3 actually before settling on this current platform.  It's taught me a lot about myself and my own capabilities.  My stubbornness to succeed, I'm a perfectionist and I won't settle for anything less. 

I must mention Harriet Croft Photography - H did all my studio photography for me which I really needed to showcase the beautiful products.  Dan & Kerry were awesome in offering advice on web design, selling platforms and web marketing.  Isabella worked her magic on all the copywriting; my lovely customers gave me testimonials I could use on the site.  I'm forever grateful to all of you for helping PROFUMO get this far.

I'm not one for writing as I'm the creative type so I'm going to sign off here until next time.  


Trudy @ Profumo